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</a></b></a>the_rmwc  whump challenge is almost officially open!

The rules are as followed

1. Gen stories only. Friendship is more than welcome

2. Rodney must be the main character

3. Any whump is ok, but I draw the line at rape.

4. The stories need to be of Hurt/comfort. Other genres can be thrown in with the first one.

5. The stories must only be posted at the community for the duration of the challenge. After that, you are free to post it anywhere you would like.

6. If the story runs on for more than one posting, please link the following post at the end of the first post.

7. Don't forget to post the story under a cut.

8. The minimum count is 1500 words. There is no maximum

9. Please beta your stories. If you don't have one go to </a></b></a>sga_beta to find one

10. Include header in the entries as follows:  


                                  Challenge #: [name of challenge]


                                  Word count:

                                  Genre: Hurt/Comfort; [any other]
                                  Spoilers: [spoiler warning for episodes unaired in syndication]

The sign ups starts right now and It finishes on Friday, December 5 at midnight EST

Please include you LJ username, email and a prompt.

The emails are needed,  so that I can give you the prompts without reaveling it on LJ

The prompts will be sent on Saturday, December 6. If you block people on your email, please include this address so you can actually receive the prompt

The stories will be due on Saturday January 10 till midnight. I know alot of people will be gone on the holidays, so that is why it is so far in the future

Good luck!!
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